Best Must See and Do Things in Almunecar, Spain

The town of Almunecar, Spain is one of the most visited tourist spots in Granada. Its weather is beautiful, its old city a popular hangout, and there are so many beaches and coves, it’s hard to pick one to relax at. Almunecar too, even though a small town, has many must see and do things that every visitor to the city should make sure they don’t miss.

Visit Almunecar’s Old City – One of the most picturesque old cities in Granada, Almunecar’s old city center has cobbled streets, whitewashed buildings, lovely squares and courtyards, and cute boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Take a morning or a late afternoon and wander around Almunecar’s old city winding streets. Photograph the pots of geraniums dotting hundreds of balconies, and grab a coffee in one of the lovely hidden courtyard cafes.

Aquatropic Aquatic Park – Of course, like many places in Spain, Almunecar can get hot and that’s why a trip to Aquatropic Aquatic Park is a must do thing. Here, you and the kids can enjoy water slides, rapids, a waterfall lake and the Kamikace, one of the steepest and highest water slides around. Want to cool down and still have lots of thrills? Aquatropic is the place to do it.

Visit Almunecar’s Weekly Market – If you enjoy shopping, particularly if its cheap, a visit to Almunecar’s weekly market is a must. It’s held every Friday morning, behind Almunecar’s McDonald’s (and please, don’t go in there, there’s better food at every restaurant in Almunecar, seriously.

At the market you’ll find clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, food, hats, CDs and if you’re looking for the traditionally Spanish feria dresses for the kids, here’s the cheapest place to find them.

Spend the Afternoon at Cotobro Beach – Almunecar has more than 19 kilometers of beaches and coves, so if you’re a beach lover, there’s lots to choose from. One of the prettiest though, and more quiet than other Almunecar beaches, is Cotobro Beach which, while pebbly, still has some great water for swimming and is lined with the cutest cafes and restaurants. Have a sunbathe, take a swim, then head to a beachside cafe for a cafe con leche and some apple pie.



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