Spanish Scientists Say Antibiotics Can Make You Fat

antibiotics can make you fat spanish scientists


Long-term use of antibiotics can make you fat

Spanish scientists working at CSIC, the government’s top scientific organization, have come up with one more reason why some people get fat, They say, if you take long-term antibiotics, they have proven these antibiotics change the intestinal flora of both people with normal weight and those who are already obsese.

This ultimately changes the way your body metabolizes sugar (it doesn’t, very well, anymore), and makes you fat.

Why is this research a good thing?

The Spanish scientists hypothesize, now they know that long-term use of antibiotics can make you fat, it has laid the groundwork for future research.

That research will be carried out to come up with personalized diet plans, that will ensure anyone on antibiotics for a lengthy period of time will be given a diet program to follow. The program, if followed correctly, could help make sure anyone on antibiotics still had healthy intestinal flora, thus safeguarding your body’s ability to metabolize sugar.

The study was published in an international scientific journal called ‘Gut Microbes‘. You can read the entire medical study called “Funtional consequences of microbial shifts in the human gastrointestinal tract linked to antibiotic treatment and obesity” here.

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