What are Sexual Attitudes Like in Spain? Are the Spaniards Conservative or Not?

Be careful who you kiss in Spain, people might talk - copyright pasotraspaso, Creative Commons


Although Spain seems like a relaxed and laidback country, Spanish attitudes to sex can be a little conservative. Sure, if you’re in Madrid or Barcelona, people might be a bit more liberal, in more provincial areas — not so much.

Particularly for foreign women, who are often treated in Spain as being ‘loose’ or ‘prostitutes’, even if they’re not, living in Spain might be frustrating at first. Getting hit on by half the Spanish men you come across, becomes annoying, as does the attitude of older Spaniards, who sometimes look down on women from Britain, Germany, Sweden, America etc — feeling women from these countries are too liberal about sex.

But, here’s the quick low-down on some of the typical Spanish attitudes towards sex. Even how a Spanish mother-in-law might think of you.  Fun, huh?


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