Spain’s Princess Letizia Celebrates 40th Birthday

One of the official photographs taken of Princess Letizia of Asturias in celebration of her 40th birthday – copyright Cristina Garcia Rodero/Royal Press Department


Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia of Asturias turned 40 years old this week, although you can hardly tell by looking at her as she really is gorgeous.  The princess celebrated her birthday in private with her family, husband Crown  Prince Felipe, and their two daughters Leonor and Sofia.

Before her marriage to Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia was a well-known Spanish TV reporter. The marriage was initially a great shock for much of Spain, as Princess Letizia was a commoner and had also been previously married. In recent years, though, she seems to have become quite popular. Not surprising really, as she travels often to represent Spain both in country and overseas, and has been the palace’s representative when welcoming foreign dignitaries.


As part of Princess Letizia’s 40th birthday celebrations, the palace released a series of photographs from a photo shoot that was given to her as a birthday gift. In them, the princess is relaxing with family, or posing at various locations at Zarzuela Palace. As always, she looks stunningly beautiful and quite serene.

Everyone at Seriously Spain wishes Princess Letizia a very happy birthday and best wishes for the coming year for both her and her family.