San Sebastian – Famous For Its Tapas or Pintxos and No Wonder

Many of San Sebastian's fishy tapas come in on fishing boats like these - copyright Igueldo, Creative Commons

While just about everywhere in Spain has bars and restaurants serving tapas, nowhere is quite as famous as San Sebastian. San Sebastian is known throughout Spain, not only for its delicious tapas, but for the huge variety served in this city.

Usually known as ‘pinxtos’ in San Sebastian, rather than tapas, these wonderful bar snacks are often to be found in La Parte Vieja (The Old Town).

When you walk into a tapas bar in San Sebastian, tapas or pinxtos will sometimes be brought to your table but, more likely than not, they’ll be already laid out on the bar or a side table, ready for you to try. Just take what you like and return to your table. The waiter will keep tabs of how many plates you’ve eaten and bill you when you leave.

You’ll find tast treats like spider crab stuffed into tarts, anchovies on toast, lots of things wrapped in Spain’s famous jamon (cured ham), chorizo (sausage), fried tempura, small glasses of soup — both hot and cold, squid, prawns, olives, lots of tasties on pieces of baguette, and on and on.

The best way to enjoy tapas in San Sebastian is to go on what the Basque call txikiteo — going from bar to bar, enjoying drinks and tapas in many. And, of course, make a long night out of it.