Best Child-Friendly Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

Finding a restaurant where the kids like the food, in any city in the world, can be frustrating. Finding a restaurant where they like your children can be even more difficult. Luckily, in Barcelona, Spain, there are some great restaurants serving food your children will like. Some, like these three, are also child-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your children being loud or annoying other customers.

Pim Pam Plats – If you’re looking for a child-friendly restaurant in Barcelona where, not only is the food good, but your kids will eat it too, look no further than Pim Pam Plats. A casual place that’s actually quite small, and very relaxed, Pim Pam Plats serves a mix of easy foods using organic ingredients but, unlike similar places the food here tastes wonderful.

They’re known for their incredible burgers, fries, variety of hot dogs and salads. Food arrives on top of paper in small baskets, so the kids can squirt as much ketchup and make as much mess as they want too, it’s all easily cleaned up.

It’s casual, it’s cheap and it’s busy. If you’re going for lunch or dinner, go a little earlier than normal Spanish time as, once regular meal times come around, it’s hopping.

You’ll find Pim Pam Plats at Sabateret 4 in Madrid. They open at 1pm daily.

Can Castellvi – On the outskirts of Barcelona, Can Castellvi is the perfect restaurant if you have kids. The food is traditional Catalan, and a perfect introduction to this area’s cuisine, particularly if you’re just visiting Spain. But the even more amazing thing than the delicious food is the animal farm next to the restaurant and the break you can get from your little darlings.

At Can Castellvi, you can eat as a family in the restaurants and then visit the farm afterwards. Or, if you’ve been with the kids for a bit too long and would love a mini break, the staff at Can Castellvi will take them off for lunch in a separate kiddies’ dining room, and then on to the farm. Here, they’ll be able to pet the goats, ride a pony, and learn all about the animals on the farm, while mom and dad are relaxing in the restaurant over coffee and dessert.

Can Castellvi is outdoorsy, inexpensive, the food is delicious and the kids will love it.

They’re located on the way out of Barcelona on La Rierada, 08750 in Molins de Rei. Call them at 670 35 16 50 to get more information.

La Nena – The wonderful thing about so many kid-friendly restaurants in Barcelona is, even though they cater to children, their food is still healthy, organic and delicious. Case in point, La Nena.

La Nena is just a small cafe, but they cater to mom, dad and the kids with a passion. For breakfast, enjoy a cafe con leche or a hot chocolate with the traditional Spanish doughnuts or churros. Lunch includes a variety of crepes, sandwiches, toasties and, of course, cakes and ice cream.

The most wonderful thing about La Nena though is, in an effort to make mom and dad more comfortable and the kids welcome, they’ve created a cute play area in the back of the restaurant, where you can safely leave the kids to play games, read some books or just talk to new friends. Prices are inexpensive and the atmosphere is lovely. Just be aware, they do take the Spanish siesta, so are closed every day between 2-4pm.

La Nena is at Ramón y Cajal, 36, in Barcelona.