Best Child-Friendly Restaurants in Madrid, Spain

For families in Madrid, it is easier to eat out in restaurants, with the whole family in tow, than it is in the US, UK or other western countries. So many Madrid restaurants are now child-friendly, mom, dad and the kids are always welcome.

But, with many Madrid restaurants catering to kids, there are some you should definitely try first. At these three top Madrid child-friendly restaurants, you don’t get much better service for the whole family than here.

Baby Deli – One of the smartest ideas you’ll ever see if you have kids, Baby Deli in Madrid is perfect for mom, dad and the kids when you want somewhere healthy and relaxing to eat. Created by a trio of Spanish women with kids of their own, Baby Deli caters exclusively to people with children.

Baby Deli is an upscale Madrid deli/cafeteria that not only serves organic and healthy meals kids will love, but also has playgroups, educational activities, opportunities for moms and dads to socialize, and a children’s shop.

Baby Deli is a bit more pricey than similar cafeterias, but a wonderful place if you simply want to feel relaxed when you’re out with junior or the baby. Plus, it’s just so pretty.

You’ll find Baby Deli at Calle de Lagasca, 54, 28001 Madrid.

Peggy Sue’s American Diner – Kids tend to love food mom and dad don’t always agree with. That’s why they’ll adore Peggy Sue’s, a traditional American diner chain, with a branch in Madrid, that serves burgers, fries, hotdogs, pizzas, chicken fingers, and onion rings. It’s all served up in a loud atmosphere with choose-your-own-music jukeboxes your kids will adore.

For dessert, let the kids indulge with ice cream, brownies, cinnamon rolls or toffee cake, and don’t forget to buy cakes or dessert to take home. They’re delicious.

Peggy Sue’s is fun, relaxed and they love kids. They’re located at Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 13, Madrid.

Time-Ish – An extremely cute cafe and coffee shop, Time-ish is a wonderful place to go with the kids if you want to read a book, surf the internet (they have free Wi-Fi), relax over a cafe con leche, grab a bagel, a muffin or a cake, and be in a place where your children will enjoy it too.

Time-ish has a large colorful children’s play area, a TV set up with videos the kids can watch, and their very own storyteller who tells stories in both Spanish and English — all of which allow mom and dad to spend time not worrying about the kids being bored, or upsetting other patrons.

Plus, Time-ish is not just a place for families with kids, so you’ll meet a lot of grown-ups without them too. They simply believe kids shouldn’t be bored rigid, nor mom and dad stressed, every time they leave the house.

Time-ish is at 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.