Best Coffeehouses and Cafes with Free Wi-Fi in Madrid, Spain (and Don’t Forget the Bus)

Faborit has a beautiful website

If you’re going to Madrid and worried about getting your laptop online, don’t be. Madrid literally has thousands of cafes where you’ll find free, fast Wi-Fi internet, and these Madrid cafes will get you started.

Bacchus – One of the most famous bookstores/coffee shops/pubs in Madrid for expats and students, Bacchus not only sells great beer, amazing coffee, and lets you sit for hours reading their books or chatting to friends, it also offers free Wi-Fi internet. Prices are cheap, the selection of beverages is huge, and the staff are lovely. You’ll find Bacchus at Calle Donoso Cortes 58 in Madrid. Get there from the Moncloa metro station.

Faborit – One of the trendiest cafes in Madrid, Faborit has fast free Wi-Fi you can use for hours. All you need to do is make a purchase then take your receipt up to the counter to get an access code. Buying something too is easy, as they make incredible baguette sandwiches and wraps, sell delicious cakes and cookies, and their lattes are wonderful.

Check out their website before you go, (here), as there are six Faborit locations in Madrid.

Our favorite is the Faborit at Calle Alcalá, 21, 28014, in Madrid

Cafeteria Santander – One of the first cafes in Madrid to offer free Wi-Fi internet, Cafeteria Santander is known for its inexpensive food (great sandwiches, croissants, churros, doughnuts, fresh fruit) and wonderful selection of coffees and teas.

Cafeteria Santander’s Wi-Fi is fast and they also have desktop computers, if you don’t have a laptop with you.

Plaza de Santa Barbara, 4, in Madrid

Free Wi-Fi on the Way to the Cafe on Madrid Buses – One of the best things about Madrid is the public transportation system but what is even better is you can now get free Wi-Fi internet on Madrid’s municipal buses.

All you do is climb on the bus, find a seat and fire up your laptop. No more long commutes and wasted time. Now, on your way to one of these Madrid cafes offering free Wi-Fi, you can surf the net — on the bus.