Best Halal Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

halal food barcelona

Where are the best halal restaurants in Barcelona, Spain?

If you’re Muslim and only eat halal food, you’re probably looking for the best halal restaurants in Barcelona, Spain if you’re planning a trip there. Luckily, you shouldn’t be disappointed as there are some truly excellent halal restaurants in Barcelona that offer everything from traditional Spanish food to French, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Indian and Lebanese.

These three, however, are three of the best halal restaurants in Barcelona and, no matter which you decide to dine at, you should be very happy with your choice.

La Brasserie du Gothique

This restaurant is perfect for larger groups as, while they don’t usually offer halal food for just a couple of people, they’re more than happy to cook halal if you call them in advance and let them know you have a large group coming.

Their menu is French and absolutely delicious, and you’ll find them at Carrer dels Arcs, 10, Barcelona.

You can find out more about La Brasserie du Gothique at their website.


Rajah is a Muslim-owned Pakistani restaurant that serves halal food. They specialize in traditional Pakistani cuisine as well as Indian tandoori dishes. Their Chicken Shahi Qorma is excellent, don’t miss trying their Tandoori Chicken and, of course, you must order the Donner Kebabs and Shawarmas.

Just be sure to ask for whatever you order to be made ‘spicy’, if that’s what you’re used to, or you’ll end up with a dish more suited to local Spanish taste.

Check out their website before heading there.

Rajah is located at Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3, Barcelona.


Known by locals as one of the best halal restaurants in Barcelona, if you like Lebanese, Jordanian or Moroccan food, you’ll probably eat at Omeia every day, as they have a great menu, serve amazing halal food, and their prices are extremely reasonable. They’re also known for their friendly and helpful staff.

Food served here is healthy, and consists of various meat, fish and vegetable dishes — things like tabuleh, baba ganush, hummus, awesome salads, arabic bread, shawarmas, kebabs, cous-cous dishes and much more. They have a full halal menu, which you can check out on Omeia’s website.

Omeia is located at Carrer d’Aragó, 211, Barcelona.