Best Japanese Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain – Love Sushi?

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Barcelona in Spain has quite a large number of Japanese restaurants. From small few-seater eateries serving just a few dishes, to huge restaurants serving every Japanese food you’ve ever heard of, Barcelona has everything. With so many Japanese restaurants to choose from, start off with these three. They’re commonly known as some of the best.

Shunka – One of the smaller Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, Shunka is more of a local favorite than one that’s well-known by tourists (although you will see tourists there). A plus, in my book.

At Shunka, you can watch the Japanese chefs preparing your food (there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a master sushi chef engrossed in his work) and, as they use the freshest fish and vegetables possible, it’s truly beautiful to see.

Try the sashimi, it’s stunningly fresh. The miso soup is some of the best in Barcelona, and don’t miss the chef’s sushi special. It varies daily, but you get to taste at least three types of sushi and with sake, uni, clam and toro on the menu, you’re sure to be served something nice. Be warned though, Shunka gets a bit hectic and franetic, so if you’re looking for a quiet Japanese restaurant, this isn’t it.

You’ll find Shunka near Las Ramblas at Sagristans 5 , 08002 Barcelona.

Kynoto Sushi Bar – A much quieter and calmer sushi restaurant than Shunka, Kynoto Sushi Bar is small, romantic and serves some of the freshest sushi in all of Barcelona. In fact, people rave so much about the sushi, if you’re a sushi connoisseur and have spent any time in Barcelona, you’ve already eaten here many times.

You’ll find most traditional sushi favorites are served here as well as a few less well known ones on the menu. They also have daily specials with whatever fresh fish looked wonderful when they were buying at the fish market that morning and it’s always superb. Don’t miss their desserts too. They’re known for them.

Kynoto Sushi Bar is a small restaurant and it is very popular so, if you’ll be dining at peak times, make a reservation beforehand. It will save you either a trip for nothing or a very long wait.

Kynoto Sushi Bar is at C/ Correu Vell 8. , 080001 Barcelona .

Mitsui – If you’re looking for a Japanese buffet, look no further than Mitsui and it’s all-you-can-eat version. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy good Japanese food in Barcelona, particularly at lunchtime where the buffet is less than 10 euros. As there’s so much choice too, you’ll find you end up practically rolling out of there. But, don’t worry, unlike a lot of all-you-can-eat places, Mitsui’s food is still first-class.

On the huge buffet, you’ll find sashimi, dumplings, sushi, rice dishes, chicken, and their spectacular raw fish bar where you can choose what you’d like to eat then watch as the chef cooks it for you. If you like fresh fruit, Mitsui also has lots of this on offer, as well as ice cream and Japanese desserts.

Mitsui is definitely loud, but the staff is friendly and lovely, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive place that still serves wonderful Japanese food, you can’t beat Mitsui.

You’ll find them at Aribau, 112 , Barcelona , Spain.