Best Must See and Do Things in Granada, Spain (Video)

Granada is one of Spain’s most popular cities for foreign tourists and for Spaniards alike to visit.

Steeped in history and with some of the most gorgeous architecture in Spain, Granada is a place you should not miss visiting if you plan on being in Spain.

With so many things to see and do in Granada, though, how do you choose the “must see and do” places and things? Especially if you are only going to be in Granada for a few days and do not want to miss the most important spots?

That actually could not be easier. Not if you watch this excellent video.

Check out the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains, beautiful forests, the world-famous and deservedly-so Alhambra Palace, the city’s Muslim quarter, the stunning Granada Cathedral, the city’s religious monuments and, of course, the cool, cafes, bodegas, restaurants and shops all over the city.

Then you decide which places look like must see and do places for you and your family in the time you have available.

Just be aware, there are so many must see and do places in Granada, you may just wish you were staying there for a month or more.

No worries though. You can always go back.