Best Must See and Do Things in Marbella, Spain


Marbella old town – copyright Herry Lawford, Creative Commons

Marbella is known throughout Europe as one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, particularly for the rich, famous and infamous. It is also a stop-off for many luxury cruise lines, whose passengers love to spend a few hours roaming Marbella’s beautiful old town or relaxing on one of its beautiful beaches.

Holidaymakers to Marbella, many of whom think it is all about yachting and golfing, might be surprised to know there’s a lot more going on than that. In fact, Marbella has a number of must see and do things that would put any golf course or luxury yacht to shame.

The Bonsai Museum – If you are a lover of bonsai trees, then Marbella is the place for you. Home to the Bonsai Museum, which houses one of the best collections of the miniature trees in the world, anyone who cultivates these trees or just enjoys their incredible beauty will not want to miss it.

Wander Through Marbella’s Old Town – Up until the 1940s, Marbella was nothing more than a sleepy Spanish town. Nowadays, even if it is the holiday home of the jet set, much of Marbella’s old town is still left standing, and it is an incredible place to while away a few hours.

Wander the winding streets, shop in the little boutiques and craft shops, and enjoy a few plates of tapas and a beer in Orange Square at one of the many little cafes and bars.

Stroll the Paseo Marítimo – If you want to experience true Spanish culture, take a stroll on the Paseo Marítimo, the concrete seafront promenade, particularly on a Sunday. Here, you will find thousands of Spanish families, strolling calmly along, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful views.

Avenida del Mar – There’s an amazing collection of sculptures by Salvador Dali, that many visitors to Marbella seem to miss.  Wander through La Alameda Park heading towards the beach until you come across a wide avenue, where you can wander up and down and delight in the many sculptures, or sit on one of the park benches and soak up the atmosphere.

Funny Beach – If you are in Marbella with the kids, then just about the best thing to do (or at least they will think so) is to go to Funny Beach. A wonderful amusement park, here you (and the kids) can go on kids’ rides, jump on trampolines, play video games, bounce off each other in the crashing cars, drive go-karting, or hire electric bikes.

There is a good restaurant, perfect for lunch or an early dinner, and don’t forget to get in one of the pedaloes — they are one of Spain’s most traditional modes of transport.