Best Place to Buy Electronics in Madrid? FNAC, Of Course

fnac in madrid


FNAC: The best place to buy electronics in Madrid

FNAC is a French mega-store in Madrid that sells just about everything you could ever want. Books, video games, DVDs, children’s toys and the like, FNAC is also the best place to buy electronics in Madrid. That’s because their selection is huge, they carry a lot of top brands and, price-wise, they’re often cheaper than other electronics shops in Madrid.

What kinds of electronics does FNAC sell?

No matter what brand of electronics you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it or something very similar at FNAC, and at a price you’ll probably be able to afford.

FNAC sells tablets, laptops, TVs, mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, GPS navigators, walkie-talkies, DVD players, games consoles, USB drives and portable hard drives, speakers, headphones, cameras — basically, you name an electronic item you want, and FNAC will sell it.

FNAC is particularly well-known for the huge selection of cameras and camera accessories they carry so, if you’ve lost your camera, need a new SD card or just want to check out prices in Spain, you can’t go wrong with FNAC.

Prices at FNAC

On a recent trip to FNAC in Madrid, I did a price comparison for several items I had been wanting to buy at my local Carrefour — an Acer Iconia tablet, a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, and a Microsoft Surface tablet. What I found was every item I looked at was at least €50 cheaper at FNAC than at Carrefour but, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, it was actually €140 cheaper at FNAC as it was on sale at a very low price. And yes, you read that price correctly.

That’s why I recommend anyone looking for electronics in Madrid head to FNAC before they go anywhere else. Do a price check of any electronics item you might be interested in, and then find the same item in other electronics stores in Madrid and see how they compare. I’ll bet you in most cases, you cannot beat FNAC on price.

You’ll find FNAC in Madrid directly opposite El Corte Ingles in the Plaça Catalunya, as well as at Calle de Preciados 28. You can also do a price check for many electronics items you’re looking for on the FNAC Madrid website.