Best Places to Shop in Albir, Spain: Cheap, Great Quality and Good Selection

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Where to shop in Albir, Spain

I spend a couple of months a year vacationing in Albir, Spain and while I’m there I do an inordinate amount of shopping.

That’s actually easy to do as Albir and the surrounding areas are excellent places to shop, with products you won’t find in your home country and many at extremely inexpensive prices. With so many places to shop in Albir, however, there are a few places you shouldn’t miss shopping at the next time you visit this lovely Spanish coastal town if you want the best bargains and the biggest selections.

Mercadona – There are several supermarkets in Albir, but Mercadona is the one I almost always shop at. That’s because their prices are the cheapest as they buy most of their products directly from the supplier, and because they treat their employees better than just about any other Spanish supermarket.

Mercadona also has an excellent selection of products from fresh fish, meats and cheeses to packaged food products, frozen food, cakes and cookies, beauty supplies, baby products, candy, chocolate, and more.

Mercadona is open from 9am to 9:30pm Monday through Saturday, and you’ll find them at the top end of Albir town center.

Ale Hop – If you’re looking for inexpensive gifts to take back home, you won’t find anywhere better than a gift shop chain called Ale Hop. They sell everything from reading glasses to blankets, notebooks and pens to tablet computer cases, coffee mugs and glasses, travel games, fashion accessories, jewelry, toys, plush animals and more. Prices too are excellent and as low as 3 euros ($4) for some quite unique items.

Ale Hop is located on the beachfront at Albir close to Paradise Cafe. They’re open every day. You’ll recognize the shop by the huge black and white cow standing outside.

Zebra Fashion – If you’re looking for the latest styles in fashionable clothing, don’t miss checking out Zebra Fashion in Albir. They sell both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as accessories, bags and shoes. Clothing is beautiful quality, affordable and very stylish.

Albir Sunday Market – There’s an excellent Sunday market in Albir that’s perfect for grocery shopping as well as for gift buying, or for just treating yourself to a new shirt, skirt or purse.

If you’re shopping for groceries, look for fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, pastries and pizzas. Don’t miss the chicken stall, where you can pick up a whole rotisserie chicken for just a few euros, and even a decent Spanish wine to go with it.

In the non-food sections, you’ll find beautiful leather bags and wallets, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, handmade jewelry, books, shoes, household products, sheets and pillowcases, pots and pans, tablet computer cases, hand-painted pottery and much more.

The Albir Sunday market starts at 9 am and runs until 2pm and has around 100 stalls. Get there early, though, as it does become busy by late morning.

You’ll find the market in the middle of town on the main parking lot.

Carrefour in Finestrat – If you’re buying groceries for a few weeks or looking for electronics, casual clothing, books, DVDs, computers, wine and spirits, and imported international food you can’t beat the Carrefour hypermarket next to the La Marina shopping mall in Finestrat for selection and price.

Just a 15 minute drive from Albir, Carrefour is also well worth going to if you want to be able to buy everything you need in one place.

They’re open seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm in the winter, and 8am to midnight in the summer months. Plan on spending a few hours there, including taking a break for coffee or lunch, as it is a large store and takes quite a while to see the whole thing.

And, of course, if you will be holidaying in Albir and have not yet booked a hotel room, you may want to book a room well in advance so you get the best deals.