Best Thai Restaurants in Madrid, Spain – Noodles, Curry, Pad Thai and More

On a recent trip to Madrid, Spain, I had a craving for Thai food so sought out Madrid’s best Thai restaurants. Luckily, Madrid has some excellent Thai restaurants serving traditional and authentic Thai food. These three however are considered some of the best.

Pui’s Thai Tapas – One of the newest Thai restaurants in Madrid, Pui’s Thai Tapas is fascinating. A restaurant serving ‘Thai tapas’, food that’s based on the Spanish idea of small bar snacks, Pui’s menu is huge. As a Thailand resident, I can also vouch it’s completely authentic Thai.

At Pui’s Thai Tapas you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a little more Spanish than Thai, but try the fried egg with baguette toast and sausages, or the Spanish churros. Lunch and dinner treats include duck spring rolls, fish cakes, salt and pepper squid, som tam, chicken satay, Thai curries and some delicious salads.

Prices at Pui’s Thai Tapas are inexpensive as portions are smaller, but that’s wonderful as you can afford to try more things.

You’ll find Pui’s Thai Tapas at Calle de Jose Antonio de Armona 7 , in Madrid.

Thai Gardens – One of the higher priced Thai restaurants in Madrid, locals and visitors don’t seem to mind, as the food they serve is excellent, and it’s classified as one of Madrid’s best. At Thai Gardens, you’ll experience true Thai food and even have it served to you by lovely girls wearing traditional Thai costumes.

The menu at Thai Gardens is large and most of it is made to authentic Thai taste. Try the chicken kebobs with ingredients apparently flown in from Thailand. Or order the Thai green curry, which is spicy, rich and creamy, or the prawns – large and quite delicious. Most dishes on the menu are served in large portions and everything we tried was extremely fresh.

My only complaint with Thai Gardens is its expensive compared to other Thai restaurants in Madrid, and specifically compared to food in Thailand. For a dish I would pay a nominal price for in Thailand, I was paying more than 10 times higher at Thai Gardens which, when other Thai restaurants in Madrid offer similar food at far lower prices, I was quite surprised.

But, if you enjoy a more exclusive atmosphere and delicious Thai food, you’ll enjoy Thai Gardens. Just don’t act shocked when the bill arrives.

Thai Gardens is located at Paseo de la Havana, 3, Madrid.

Bangkok – Bangkok is a wonderful Madrid restaurant as they manage to serve superbly fresh and tasty Thai food but still at an affordable price. Their menu del dia is a particularly good deal with a couple of courses, dessert and a drink for only 11 euros 50, and the restaurant decor is so lovely, you actually feel like you’re back in Bangkok.

The curries here are wonderful as was the tom kha gai (chicken in spicy coconut soup). Also try the spring rolls, som tam (papapya salad) and the curried crab (amazing!).

Service too at Bangkok is excellent and the staff are friendly. Their level of English is minimal but, with pointing and smiles, you shouldn’t have a problem getting what you want.

Look for Bangkok (Thai restaurant) at Calle los Bordadores, 15 in Madrid.