Buying Bookcases in Spain? Why Not Consider BrickBox?

BrickBox-buying bookcases in Spain

I’ve been looking for companies that sell bookcases in the last couple of weeks, as buying bookcases in Spain isn’t always easy if you don’t live in a town with a reasonable number of furniture stores. That’s when I came across a Spanish company called BrickBox.

BrickBox sells a shelving system, which is made out of individual boxes. What that means is, if you’re looking to buy bookcases in Spain, no matter where you live, you can order as few or as many ‘bookcase-style’ boxes yourself, and then build your own bookshelves with them. And the actual building literally takes minutes.

While BrickBox bookshelf components are definitely not cheap to buy, their quality is excellent and, if you move a lot, or you want to be able to move your bookcases around your house after you’ve bought them, buying a BrickBox bookshelf system is a great way to do it.

For more information about the BrickBox bookcase system, check out the video below. It will tell you everything you need to know about putting together your own bookshelves – large or small.

Then, if you like what BrickBox is doing, you can buy their shelving system at the BrickBox website.