Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee is Cheap but Tastes Great

cafe jurado


I’ve recently been drinking a lot of  the Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee, made by one of Spain’s oldest coffee roasting companies. It’s a ground coffee that comes in a nicely designed brown, vacuum-packed packet and sells for the unbelievably cheap price of around 1 euro 75 cents.

The first time I picked it up, with it being so cheap, I thought the taste would be bitter, too strong or completely undrinkable. In fact, Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee is not only smooth and satisfying, it actually makes an excellent and very tasty cup of coffee.

Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee is a coffee blended from a 50 percent high roast and a 50 percent natural blend, just as it sounds. It is a Colombian coffee that is roasted at Café Jurado’s roasting plant in Alicante, Spain  using the traditional methods they have used for more than 100 years.

That means you get less of the bitter taste that seems so prevalent in many Spanish coffees nowadays. For me, it also tastes less strong than the coffee I’m usually served in many of Spain’s restaurants or cafes, even when I add more coffee to my coffee machine when making it, and that is something that I like.

For a typical pot of drip coffee, I use around four small scoops of Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee, which makes enough for about four reasonable sized cups. Even if I drink two cups or more of Café Jurado at one time, I still find I get less of the jittery feeling I sometimes get with stronger, more bitter Spanish coffees, which alone makes it worth drinking.

I picked up my latest pack of Café Jurado 50/50 Blend Ground Coffee at my local convenience store, but you can also buy it at Mercadona, Consum and most other Spanish supermarkets. At its current price of under 2 euros, it’s definitely a very good deal.

I also recommend Café Jurado’s Café Molido Natural 100% Arábica and the Café Jurado Café Molido Natural 100% Arábica. Both are also excellent tasting coffees yet still sold at a reasonable price.

For more information about Café Jurado, the company, and all their coffee products check out their website — it’s in both Spanish and English too.