Cafe Review: Paradise Cafe in Albir, Spain – Great Coffee and Good Food

Last month, we visited Paradise Cafe in Albir, Spain. A beachfront bar and cafe in Albir, with a huge balcony overlooking the ocean, inside it’s modeled a little bit like an English pub and, outside, a pure Spanish cafe. We decided upon it, after seeing blackboards outside offering coffee and brandy for 2 euros 50 cents ($3.55) but, it was so lovely, not only did we enjoy drinks there last night, we also ate lunch there the day after.

Where is Paradise Cafe in Albir? – One of the most prominent bars and cafes in Albir, Paradise Cafe is right on the sea front, just two blocks up the street (closer to town) than the Hotel Kaktus Albir.

The cafe is situated on the second floor of a small cafe and restaurant building. There are several cafes below Paradise Cafe, and Paradise Cafe is on the balcony above them, in the middle of two other restaurants. Overlooking Albir’s gorgeous beach and promenade, if you sit outside you can watch the boats on the Mediterranean and the people walking up and down the promenade. A perfect spot indeed.

Atmosphere at Paradise Cafe – One thing we love about Paradise Cafe is the choice of two distinct atmospheres. Inside, you have what feels like a typical British pub. All dark wooden chairs and cozy, there’s a big screen TV where you can watch music videos or sporting events, a one-armed bandit (gambling machine) and a gorgeous view out of the windows onto the ocean.

Then outside on the balcony, it’s a typical Spanish cafe – wide open spaces, sea air, lots to watch on the promenade, and seagulls flying everywhere trying to grab a crumb or two. Lovely.


Food and Drink at Paradise Cafe – Before you go up the steps to the cafe, check the blackboards on the sidewalk below. Here, you’ll find the drinks specials (half price beers) and the blackboard for the British Sunday Roast Dinner. With an appetizer, a full roast beef dinner, a dessert and an alcoholic beverage, at only 7 euros 95 cents ($11.25), it’s an excellent deal.

Today, we went back to Paradise Cafe for lunch. To begin, we ordered cafe con leches (similar to a latte) followed by two Heineken lagers. Once we’d relaxed a little, sitting on the balcony and enjoying the sun and the sea view, we decided on lunch. We shared a bacon and cheese bocadilla (bacon and cheese sandwiches on baguettes) and one with ham and cheese.

We also ate two orders of french fries between us. The food and the drinks were absolutely superb – made even better by the fresh air, the blue sky and the view of the boats on the water.

For the drinks and the food, the total bill was 19 euros ($25.30) – only $12.65 each for sandwiches, fries and a couple of drinks. Not shabby for a cafe in such a prime spot.

Paradise Cafe also has a drinks menu with a huge selection of whiskeys, brandies, liquors, beers and cocktails. Prices are extremely cheap before 7pm and, even from 7 until midnight, you still get a great deal.

The staff at Paradise Cafe too is lovely. With a mix of Spanish and British, all of them speak excellent English and seem delighted to serve you.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to enjoy a drink or a casual meal in Albir, Spain, don’t miss Paradise Cafe. We’ve went twice in two days and will likely end up there again several times in the next few months. That’s how nice it is.

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