Cordoba’s Glace Ice Cream – Desserts, Cocktails and Food Too, Make This Stylish Cafe One of the City’s Favorites


Glace is one of the most popular elegant cafes  in Cordoba, Spain and for good reason. An ice cream cafe, that also serves a huge variety of cocktails, coffees, teas and liqueurs and some seriously delicious cakes, Glace is cool, chic and stylish.

Glace is known for its black and white decor and thoroughly modern design.  It’s also famous throughout Cordoba for its fabulous cocktails, many of which have been created through the years right on Glace’s own premises. Beware, they are strong though, so don’t go overdoing it.

Quite minimalistic and with a really lovely Spanish feel, whether you like to eat inside or outside on the patio, you’ll love it here. The staff at Glace speaks good English, as well as a couple of other languages, and they’re friendly too.

Glace opens at 9am to serve several typically Spanish breakfast dishes and stays open throughout the day, closing at 2am-3am depending on the day.

The cafe has free, fast Wi-Fi internet, so if you’re looking for a cool place to hang out while visiting Cordoba,  surfing the net or getting a little bit of work done, this could be the place.


You’ll find them at:

C/ Escultor Fernández Márquez, 9
14006 Cordoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 – 403 876

Check out their website:  Glace in Cordoba