CrossFit in Spain: Beach Workouts, Fresh Air, New Friends, Great Body

Early morning CrossFit session in Elche, Spain

If you have been involved in CrossFit in the US or somewhere else in Europe and want to continue CrossFit training in Spain, you’ll be happy to know a number of Spanish trainers offer it.

If you are not sure what CrossFit is, it is a specialized fitness training program that has been popular with the military, various police departments, martial arts practitioners and elite athletes all over the world.

It can be a bit brutal to learn at first but, if you persevere, doing CrossFit training can get your body in supreme condition.

What is wonderful about learning CrossFit in Spain is that many of the Spanish trainers do their training on Spain’s gorgeous beaches.

During an early morning CrossFit training session, you get fresh air, gorgeous beaches, a cooler temperature and can usually train with a group of like-minded people that will encourage you in your fitness pursuit.

This video from CrossFit coach Jose Gabriel Muñoz, who offers CrossFit training in Elche, shows you what you can expect in a typical CrossFit training session on the beach in Spain. Not bad for an early morning wake-up, eh?