Enjoy a Fun Evening’s Entertainment and Dinner at Benidorm Palace


On a holiday to Benidorm, one of the must see dinner shows is at Benidorm Palace. A spectacular evening show of dancing (both modern and traditional Spanish), singing, acrobatics and more, Benidorm Palace doesn’t just offer an excellent show, the dinner is very good too.

Currently, tickets for Benidorm Palace are 45 or 55 euros, depending on which dinner you choose. For 45 euros, you get an entire evening of entertainment plus the Menu Gran Palace dinner, which includes cream of Mediterranean vegetable soup, smoked salmon with prawns, grilled fillet steak, dessert, and a bottle of wine for two.

If you want the higher-priced meal, for 55 euros you are served the Menu Gran Palace Plus, which consists of foie-gras with quince and toast, cream of vegetable soup, prawn, salmon and crab cocktail, a grilled fillet steak and the chef’s special dessert. The meal also includes a bottle of Navarra wine for two.

There’s also a special menu for children, with tickets for Benidorm Palace, including meal, currently running at 23 euros. If you want a vegetarian menu, Benidorm Palace offers that too.

If you’ve already been to Benidorm Palace and enjoyed it, you should go again. The show changes every June, so what you saw last year won’t be the same this year.

Benidorm Palace is just on the outskirts of Benidorm and is easily accessible via bus or taxi. They are  open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at 8:30pm with dinner. The show itself begins at 10pm. For more information, call 96 585 16 60, or look at their website for details about meals and shows – www.benidormpalace.es.