How to Make the Best Spanish Croquetas (Croquettes) (Video)

spanish croquettes
Delicious Spanish croquettes – screenshot from Recipes from Spain’s video


If you have eaten at many restaurants or tapas bars in Spain, you will most likely have eaten Spanish croquetas or croquettes. Spanish croquettes are not only served all over Spain as a bar snack (tapas) or as part of a meal, they are also an incredibly easy dish to prepare and cook. Let’s face it, if I can make delicious Spanish croquetas anyone can.

Actually, though, one of my secrets to making the best Spanish croquettes is a video I stumbled across on YouTube a couple of months ago. Filmed by a Spaniard from Sabadell, Spain for his channel, Recipes from Spain, the video shows you the traditional way to make Spanish croquetas — in just three and a half minutes.

Of course, while he uses Spanish jamon as one of his fillings, you can also use cod, tuna or chicken as all are traditional Spanish ingredients in a croquette. It all just depends on your taste.

As for the main ingredients for Spanish croquetas, all you will need is:


200 grammes of Jamon (ham)

100 grammes Flour plus Flour to roll your croquettes in before rolling in breadcrumbs

1 Egg

100 grammes Unsalted Butter


1/2 liter of Milk

couple of teaspoons of Nutmeg


You can also get every recipe for everything Recipes from Spain makes on their website (and they really have some fabulous ones).


Now just watch the video to learn how to make them. Easy.