Maremagnum: Best Free Wi-Fi in Barcelona, Spain?


If you are looking for the best free Wi-Fi in Barcelona, Spain, you can’t go wrong with the Wi-Fi at Maremagnum. Barcelona’s awesome commercial center, with a great mix of shops, restaurants and coffee shops overlooking the ocean, Maremagnum also has free Wi-Fi all over the complex.

That means you can get online from your smartphone, laptop or tablet computer and stay online for as long as you like — all completely free.

In fact, if you so wanted to you could even set up a mobile office at Maremagnum. Find a coffee shop or restaurant you like and move in for a couple of hours — just make sure you make a decent purchase if you do that, so as not to upset the management.

Free Wi-Fi at Maremagnum is available from when they open to when they close — that would be from 10am to 10pm every day of the week including holidays.

So, even if you have a crisis online and are waiting for email, you can still go shopping or have lunch with the family while you do so.

You can find out more about accessing the best free Wi-Fi in Barcelona, Spain at the Maremagnum website. As well as all about what to buy, where to shop and which restaurants might suit your taste.

By the way, don’t miss checking out their new food court area as well. The food the restaurants located there serve is inexpensive and quite tasty.