Max & Co: Trendy Shops in Barcelona to Visit (Video)

trendy places in barcelona


Looking for trendy shops to visit in Barcelona, Spain? Then look no further than this cool video from Max & Co. Max & Co, of course, is an Italian single-label boutique that has more than 450 stores in Europe and the rest of the world. They’ve recently opened a new Max & Co boutique in Barcelona, and to celebrate they’ve put together an awesome video that shows some of the coolest most trendy shops in Barcelona.

Start off your day shopping in Barcelona with a trip to Max & Co. and pick up a couple of outfits. Styles are targeted at young upwardly-mobile women who love a casual look while, at the same time, looking very chic and elegant.

From the Max & Co. boutique in Barcelona head off with Max & Co. to Galeria N2 to check out some of the latest paintings exhibited. Then off for lunch at Teresa Carles, a phenomenal vegetarian restaurant serving the freshest and most deliciously healthy food.

La Central del Raval is next, one of Barcelona’s trendy multi-lingual bookshops where you’ll find a huge selection of newspapers, magazines and books in Spanish, English, French, German and a multitude of other languages.

Papabubble is another trendy shop in Barcelona those of us who have a sweet tooth certainly shouldn’t miss. They create hand-made and personalized candies and sweets, all available in the cutest containers.

Check out the Max & Co Trendy Shops in Barcelona for more cool places to shop and eat and then head off there to check them out yourself.

Barcelona is known as being one of Spain’s most fascinating cities to shop and eat it. Looking at this video, you can easily see why.