Mexican Student Planned Sarin Attack During Pope’s Visit to Spain

Pope Benedict XVI in Rome - copyright Marek69, Creative Commons License

Spanish police arrested a 24-year-old Mexican student in Madrid on Tuesday after he posted in an internet forum about his plan to attack people who protested against the Pope during his upcoming visit. The student, who is a student at Spain’s General Organic Chemistry Institute
planned to use a mixture of toxic gases, one of them being Sarin.

The man, who is a Catholic, wrote he could not allow protests against the Pope as it was disrespectful. He was arrested at a local fairground, where many pilgrims who came to Madrid for the papal visit, are staying. Later, police searched his house and found a USB flash drive and two notebooks with notes about chemical processes connected to making toxic gases.

Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in Madrid on Thursday in connection with World Youth Day 2011.He will hold a Mass as the Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome on Saturday evening.