Must See and Do Things in Javea, Spain

Javea is famous with tourists for its year-round beautiful weather, its friendly people and lovely historic town. Although small, with only 30,000 residents, Javea is a mecca for tourists who love to have a relaxing Spanish holiday, as well as those who like something to do along with their sunny beach vacation.

In fact, surprisingly, Javea has a number of must see and do things that any first-time or repeat visitor to the town should not miss.

Explore Javea’s Old Town – One of the delights of Javea is the old town itself, and a must see for every visitor. Photograph its wonderful Gothic architecture, roam its narrow white-washed streets soaking in the traditional Spanish atmosphere, and enjoy a cafe con leche at one of the area’s lovely cafes.

Don’t miss the “Soler Blasco” Archaeological Museum too. You’ll find out all kinds of interesting facts about this lovely town and its surrounding areas.

Shop at the Indoor Market – No trip to any Spanish town is complete without a trip to the local market, and Javea is no exception. Javea’s market is indoors and sells a phenomenal selection of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats and olive oils, and fresh fish caught in the waters just off Javea.

If you speak Spanish, attempt a conversation with one of the stall owners too. Many of them are lovely.

Eat at a Sidewalk Cafe – There are some gorgeous cafes in Javea, with spectacular views out across the water from the comfort of your seat, or tucked away in one of the narrow back streets and surrounded by that oh so Spanish atmosphere.

A place called ‘President’ is popular and fun, as is ‘Bar Paco’, as well as all the seafood restaurants around the Javea port. You don’t get seafood much fresher than what you’ll find here.

Remember to sample some of Javea’s pastries and desserts too. This area is famous for them and they are truly scrumptious.

Take an Evening Walk on the Promenade – Just like everywhere in Spain, walking with family or friends is a great way to spend the time, and Javea is no exception. Take a walk along the long promenade at Arenal Beach at night.

Not only is it cool, beautiful and fun just to people watch, but in the summer you will find some extremely nice handicraft stalls set up selling unique products you will not find anywhere else in Spain, so you can walk, eat and shop as well.

Watch the video below to see just some of the must see and do things in Javea. Then book your trip.