Patisserie De Sabors in Altea, Spain – Delicious Cakes, Beautiful Design, Perfect Cafe

Patisserie De Sabors has to be one of the most beautiful cafes I have ever seen. Perfectly designed, both inside and out, Patisserie De Sabors is just around the corner from the Plaza de la Iglesia in the old town section of Altea. It has a lovely patio, if you like to enjoy your coffee and cakes outside, as well as a stunningly beautiful indoor area, where you can drink coffee, and choose from some perfect handmade cakes and pastries, or Italian-style ice cream.

Everything at Patisserie De Sabors is created by their master pastry chef on site, and they are not only the most beautiful cakes you’ve ever seen but they’re incredibly delicious too.

I was there with friends yesterday and we were all practically drooling over the cakes, they all looked so amazing. I finally chose a fresh fruit and custard tart, which was out of this world, and we all drank cafe con leches — some of the best cafe con leches we have had in all of Altea.

Prices too at Patisserie De Sabors are very cheap. Only €2 to €2.50 for an iced cake or tart — incredibly inexpensive, especially when you realize you are eating something that was handmade by a true artist.

For the prettiest Altea cafe and pattisserie, don’t miss a visit to Patisserie De Sabors.

You’ll find them at Carrer Sant Miquel, 4 in old town Altea. Just head up to the church on the hill then turn right down lane at the side of the church and you’ll see De Sabors on your right-hand side. 

Just part of their huge selection of amazing cakes and pastries
The lovely patio at the front of De Sabors in Altea