Review: Cafe Citrus in Altea, Spain: Excellent Service, Tasty Coffee, Great View

On a walk to Altea, Spain last week we stumbled across Cafe Citrus. Right on the ocean front, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and harbor, on first look Cafe Citrus is similar to many of Altea’s other sea side cafes. But, after just a few minutes sitting on its small patio, we discovered it has just about the nicest owner we’ve ever come across, some of the best cafe con leches in Altea, a great selection of meals and snacks and, from the obviously regular clientele, many others agree with us too.

Location of Cafe Citrus in Altea – Situated right across the street from the promenade and looking out over the water, Cafe Citrus is on a less trafficked part of the sea front, so you’re not confronted with cars whizzing by every second you sit there. You’ll find the cafe at Calle San Peree 41, 03590, Altea.

The Management at Cafe Citrus – Joe, one of the owners of Cafe Citrus, is a Brit who’s lived in Spain for a few years. Previously working for many years in hotels and restaurants throughout the United Kingdom and South America, he’s obviously learned what customers are looking for as, the minute you walk in to Cafe Citrus, he’s right there greeting you with a smile and a joke, and making you feel welcome and wanted. His partner too was always smiling, friendly and lovely.

We sat on the patio of the cafe for well over an hour, enjoying cafe con leches and brandies, and during that time Joe came back a few times for a chat about England (we’re from an area of the UK Joe has worked in), and to exchange joking comments with us or ask if there was anything else we needed.

In the Altea and Costa Blanca area of Spain, we’ve found most cafe owners to be friendly and welcoming, but Joe went above and beyond even that, ensuring we’ll be returning to Cafe Citrus several times before we leave Altea.

Food and Drink at Cafe Citrus – Whether you’re looking for just a cafe con leche (the Spanish version of a small latte), a snack, a cake, an alcoholic beverage or a full meal, Cafe Citrus serves everything. Opening at 10:30 am every day, they serve a late breakfast with items like Bacon and Egg Toasted Sandwiches, or a full English Breakfast. With prices around 3.50-4.50 euros ($4.85 to $6.25) for breakfast at an ocean side cafe, you certainly won’t break the bank here.

Cafe Citrus also serves lunch and dinner, with fish and chicken dishes, pies, meatballs, various pasta dishes and lots more. Menus change daily, so stop back several times as you’ll find different options every time.

If, like us, you just want to stop off for a coffee and a brandy or a cake, we highly recommend the cafe con leches at Cafe Citrus – they’re delicious. In fact, we had two. If you’re looking for something sweet to go with them, their scones are lovely (they come with heaps of jam and cream) and, if you’re British like us, you’ll love the toasted tea cakes.

If you’re looking for a friendly cafe in Altea right by the ocean, where you can have a great cup of coffee or a beer, a snack or a full meal, and be served by some of the nicest people in Altea, look no further than Cafe Citrus. It’s absolutely lovely.