Spain’s Strange Food Isn’t Always So Peculiar

On a recent stay in an Alicante province hotel, my family and I spied these oddities on the hotel buffet.

Now I am an adventurous eater, the people I was with……… not so much. So it fell to me to try the “Monsters on the Pie” offering.

Imagine my surprise to find myself eating Spanish crayfish on top of a crab and fish pie that was absolutely delicious. So much so, I went back for another one and, um yep, another one. Well they were small!

The moral of the story?  When in Spain, if you are served something odd, strange and kinda scary looking (yeah, crayfish do look a trifle other-planet-like), take a drink of sangria and try it. You may be pleasantly shocked at how scrumptious it is. Come on, it’s Spain. And the Spanish do know how to do food right.