Top Barcelona Half-Day Guided Tours – Bikes, Walking and Motorscooters

Vespa half-day tours in Barcelona are extremely fun – copyright antmoose

Barcelona, Spain is a fascinating city. It’s also enormous, so getting around and learning something about the city can be difficult, if you don’t know where to go. That’s why taking a half-day guided tour can be a great way to see the sights, as well as learn about the history and the culture of one of Europe’s most visited places.

And what better way to see Barcelona on a walking tour, a cycling tour or by scooter. They are three of the best half-day guided tours Barcelona has to offer.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Walking Tour – The most popular half-day guided tour in Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter Walking Tour takes you around one of the oldest, and most interesting, areas of the city.

Depending on which company you go with, the Gothic Quarter Walking Tour takes between two to three hours.You’ll walk through the quarter’s winding streets, visit its many beautiful squares and learn about the historic architecture of the place. The group will visit the ancient Roman Temple d’August, and at least 10 other places.

You will also have chance to see many of the quarter’s restaurants, cafes and tapas bars and stop off for a coffee at one of them at the end of the tour.

The English-speaking guides are excellent, so you’ll learn a lot, but don’t forget to tip at the end of the tour, as many of the guides depend on tips to make a living. Tours through the Gothic Quarter start at 13 euros per person.

Barcelona Half-Day Bike Tour – Bike tours of Barcelona run in either the morning or afternoon and are a wonderful introduction to Barcelona. They last around four hours and, during that time, you’ll cycle through a large part of Barcelona seeing places like the world-famous La Sagrada Familia and Barcelona’s Cathedral.

The bike tour isn’t just for experienced cyclists, in fact it’s perfect for the beginner rider or for the family with kids. You only ride a few hundred yards between stops, and you’ll stop plenty of times to visit interesting sights, take fun photographs or to enjoy a cool drink at an outdoor cafe.

Make notes while you’re on the tour so, on later days, you can walk or take the subway back to the places you found particularly interesting and spend more time there. Tour prices begin at 30 euros per person, which includes the bike rental and insurance.

Barcelona Scooter Tour
– If you’re not the type that likes to peddle through the streets, why not book a scooter tour instead? You’ll ride around the city on a 125cc automatic scooter with an English-speaking guide, and a group of other tourists equally fascinated with motorcycles.

You will see more of Barcelona on this half-day guided tour as well, as it simply moves faster than the walking or bike tours.

La Sagrada Familia is on the tour itinerary, along with the Olympic Stadium, and a fun ride along the ocean. The tour lasts about three hours and for the 41 euro charge, you get use of the scooter, a bike lock and helmet, safety instruction before you set off, and an excellent guide.

Pay attention to the safety tips, as you don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation in Barcelona in the hospital or worse.