Top Most Unusual Things to See and Do on the Costa Del Sol, Spain

Nerja Donkey Sanctuary - one of the best animal charities on the Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol is a beautiful part of Spain but, let’s face it, it’s more than a bit touristy. My family and I travel there often but, being the types who hate typical tourist things, go out of our way to find unusual things to see or do. On your next trip to the Costa del Sol, why not eschew the things everyone else is doing, and head off the beaten tourist track. You’ll see much more of the real Spain that way.

Visit the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary – One of the most worthwhile charities on the Costa del Sol, the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary is also a cool place to visit, particularly if you have kids. It’s completely run by volunteers, there’s no admission charge, and you can stand and feed or pet the donkeys all day long. Pay 2 euros for a bucket of feed (the kids will love that, and probably bankrupt you in their excitement to get more), and don’t miss reading the cards they give you telling the story of each donkey and why they’re there.

There are horses, pigs, goats and dogs, as well as the donkeys, just wandering around having a grand old time, and the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary is open every day — rain or shine — so visit often.

You’ll find them just outside Nerja town. See their website for details on how to get there.

Kelipe Centro de Arte Flamenco – If you’re fascinated by flamenco but don’t want to go the usual tourist route, visit the Kelipe Centro de Arte Flamenco just outside Malaga. An authentic flamenco center, here you’ll get to see one of the best flamenco shows on the Costa del So.

Located in an old shopping center, it feels a bit strange when you first arrive, but as soon as the performances begin, you’ll understand right away that this is how flamenco is supposed to be – passionate, raw and mesmerizing – and not the sanitized version most tourists see.

Check out their website for videos of their performances before you go, and you’ll see how wonderful it’s going to be.

C/ Caldereria No 5Abis Sotano | Galeria Goya , 29008 Malaga .

Andalucian Cycling Experience Day Trips – Instead of sitting on a bus with a bunch of other tourists, get out into the gorgeous Costa del Sol sun and off on a cycling trip with Andalucian Cycling Experience.

You’ll go for a few days cycling around the whitewashed villages, lakes and country lanes of Andalucia on their White Villages of Andalucia tour, stay overnight in gorgeous country hotels, and enjoy amazing food and wonderful Spanish wine. Or, if you’re an avid and well-trained cyclist, take their Sporting Tour, where you’ll cycle upwards of 100 kilometers a day on a point-to-point tour.

Andalucian Cycling Experience trips are great for singles, couple and even family groups with kids. They’re well-organized, fun and an awesome way to really see the Costa del Sol.

Calle Ronda 25, Montecorto, 29430, Malaga Province, Andalucia,

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