Visit Benidorm’s Indoor Market – Shopping, Cafes and Meeting Up With Friends

Benidorm is one of Spain’s top tourist towns. At all times of year, packed with British, Norwegian and Dutch tourists, Benidorm isn’t only a famous beach side resort and an entertainment mecca, it’s also a wonderful place for cheap shopping.

One of the best places to shop in Benidorm, if you enjoy buying inexpensive things in a fun environment, is the Benidorm Indoor Market. It has something for everyone, but here are the best things to buy.

Where is Benidorm’s Indoor Market? – Located in the Rincon area of Benidorm, you’ll find the Benidorm Indoor Market at the end of Calle Girona right next to the Masymas supermarket, and across the street from the Hotel Nereo.

Where to Shop and What to Buy – Walking into the Benidorm Indoor Market, within a couple of minutes of shopping you will begin to realize many of the market’s sellers are not Spanish but are British.

That is one of the interesting things about the market – a fascinating mix of both British and Spanish vendors, selling typically Spanish and typically British things, and a lot of other things besides.

Salvador the Butcher – One of the most unique stalls is Salvador the Butcher. A family-owned Spanish butcher’s shop, that’s been in the same family for a couple of generations, Salvador’s sells everything in the fresh meat line, from steaks to minced meat, ham (and eggs), and whole lot else.

Don’t miss a few links of their famous preservative-free sausages either. They are incredible.

Jewelry and Leather Goods – Stalls selling jewelry and leather goods abound, with some of the cheapest prices in Benidorm. The costume jewelry stalls are the best as they sell not only rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches, but also knick-knacks that are perfect to take home as gifts.

Plus, with prices starting at 1 euro ($1.60), much of what they sell is too cheap to pass up.

You will also find stalls selling leather belts, shoes and bags, some made in Spain, others imported from overseas. The Spanish leather belts are lovely to buy as they’re hand-tooled and high-quality, and the belt buckles have some pretty wild designs. Leather bags too come in all shapes, sizes and designs and, with prices starting at 30 euros ($48) they’re cheaper than similar handmade leather bags in the US and other European countries.

English Language Books – There are a couple of excellent English language book shops at Benidorm’s Indoor Market, selling both new and second-hand books.

At Book Swap Shop, I bought a book about British companies I’d been looking for forever, for the bargain price of only 1 euro ($1.60) and my mother found some fiction books by a British author she loves.

Benidorm Indoor Market Cafes and Bars – There are a number of bars and cafes serving coffee and tea, cakes, pastries and sandwiches, full meals and, of course, beer, wine and tapas. After doing some shopping, why not settle down to a cafe con leche and a slice of apple pie, or a bocadilla and a beer?

We particularly enjoyed Cafe Teria and Bar Jose – both places where the owners were friendly and chatty – as they were fun places to meet up with friends.


Milly’s Mini Mart – If you are looking for British food, then Milly’s Mini Mart is the place to go. Cans, boxes and packets of half the food you used to eat in the UK and prices still reasonable enough you can shop there every week. Milly is lovely too.

Sheila’s Money Exchange – When you have done your shopping and run out of money, don’t forget to change more of your home country’s currency for euros at Sheila’s Money Exchange. Famous in Benidorm for almost 20 years, Sheila’s doesn’t charge any commission so the rate you get here is better than just about anywhere else in town.

For a fun morning or afternoon of cheap shopping, visit the Benidorm Indoor Market at least once while you’re in town. They’re open every day except Sunday.