Want to Take a Barcelona Walking Tour? Watch This Awesome Video

barcelona walking tour


See a typical Barcelona walking tour before you embark on your own

If you’re thinking of taking a Barcelona walking tour on your next trip to this amazing Spanish city, don’t do so before watching this awesome video.

Filmed over three days in January, 2013 by a YouTuber calling themselves GlobeTrotterAlpha, it’s a 45 minute video of some of the stupendous sights and sounds of Barcelona.

What makes it even more special, however, is that it isn’t marred by someone waffling on about their own personal opinion of what they’re seeing, or by an inane commentary pointing out obvious city sights that does nothing but make you want to scream.

Instead, in this Barcelona walking tour video, all you will experience is what it must be like to walk around Barcelona by yourself, with the accompanying soundtrack of nothing more than city noise and scenes of Spaniards just going about their day. How wonderful is that?

Watch the Barcelona Walking Tour video in its entirety below (and be sure to set it to the HD setting to see it most beautifully) and, then, if you’re not up for doing a walking tour of the city by yourself, or prefer to go with a guide, check out Discover Walks Barcelona.

Discover Walks Barcelona is an independent walking tour company that has Barcelona natives taking you on walks around various areas of the city — Las Ramblas and Barri Gòtic, The Gaudi Tour and the El Born Tour.

Each of their tours is ‘free’, with walkers allowed to pay what they want via a ‘tip’. Each tour tells you what the average tip is (Las Ramblas and Barri Gòtic is 11 euros, for instance) before you set off, but it’s entirely up to you to pay what you feel you can afford and what the tour demands.

How cool is that?

And, of course, if you are planning on staying in Barcelona, do remember to book your hotel early to get the best deals.