What To Buy at Moraira’s Weekly Friday Market: Cheap Bargains, Superb Products

We’ve visited Moraira in Spain for decades. An aunt once owned a restaurant there, another aunt owns a villa. In fact, Moraira is so popular with expats who buy apartments and businesses, it’s now one of the biggest destinations in Spain for European expats and retirees. Along with its beautiful fishing port, lovely beaches and great shopping, Moraira also has a not-to-be-missed weekly open-air market, with many of the stalls owned by British, German and Dutch expats. If you’re going to be in Moraira on a Friday, market day, here’s how to find the market and what are the best things to buy when you do.

Where is the Friday Moraira Market? – Just a couple of blocks back from the ocean, you’ll find the Friday Moraira Market on the town parking lot. Most stalls are set up by 8:30 and it closes around 1pm, so get there early for the best bargains. Parking on the remainder of the parking lot not covered by the market is free and there’s usually plenty of it.

Best Things to Buy at the Moraira Market – Like most Spanish markets, the Moraira Friday market has a wonderful mix of food stuffs, gift items, household items, clothing and shoes, with a few other unique items thrown in.

Fruit and Vegetables – If you’re going to be staying in Moraira or in the general vicinity for more than a couple of days, make sure you buy fruit and vegetables at Moraira market. There are several excellent stalls, all located in the same area, and selling fresh-from-the-garden fruits and vegetables for prices far cheaper than the local supermarkets. Plus, with Spanish supermarkets often paying low prices to Spanish farmers, it’s nice to be able to buy direct from the farm at the market.

Dried Fruit and Nuts – Another great thing to buy at Moraira market is dried fruit and nuts. There are several stalls every week selling everything from walnuts to peanuts, almonds to dried pineapple, papaya, prunes, dates and more. You can buy either already packaged in a quarter kilo, half kilo or kilo sizes or pick out a mix of what you want and have it weighed. Again, prices are cheaper than local supermarkets and the produce is usually fresher. The stall owners will let you sample too, which is a easy way to figure out what you like.

Leather Bags, Belts, Shoes and Wallets – Spain is known for its leather goods and Moraira market certainly doesn’t disappoint. With cheap deals on Spanish-made leather bags, leather belts of all colors and designs, leather sandals and shoes and purses and wallets, not only is it the perfect place to buy a new bag, it’s a great place to shop for gifts too.

Books at the Lions Club Stall – Don’t miss the Teulada Moraira Lions Club book stall. Set up every other week, they have an enormous selection of second-hand English language books, all selling for only 1 euro ($1.40). This week, we picked up two books we’ve been looking for for years and, with another 2,000 in stock, we’ll be back there in a couple of weeks to check the stall again. Manned by Lions Club volunteers (all lovely men,although women can belong to the Lions Club too), all the proceeds go to help local Spanish charities, so your money goes to a worthy cause too.

Household Items – If you’re looking for a frying pan, a garlic press, serving spoons, bowls, plates or anything else to do with the house, you’ll find some cheap bargains at Moraira Friday market. Look for the stalls stacked high with portable gas cookers, kitchen utensils and wooden spatulas and, even though everything is already cheap (much of it is around 1 euro), don’t forget if you buy a few things, you can bargain too.

Clothing – Don’t pass up any of the clothing bargains at the market either. We’re currently in Moraira in the winter, so there’s lots of stalls selling winter sweaters, cardigans, jackets, coats, gloves and hats but there are also t shirts, sweatshirts and skirts too.

With the Spanish economy doing so dismally, now is the time to buy new clothing, winter or summer, as at the Moraira market you can pick up clothes for as cheap as 2 euros ($2.85) for t shirts, skirts, sweatshirts and shirts and even winter and summer jackets for as low as 10 euros ($14).

So head to Moraira, Spain for the Friday market. Shop a little, take some photographs, talk to the locals and don’t forget a cafe con leche (the Spanish latte) or some churros (Spanish donuts) at one of the mobile market cafes. Not only are they delicious, you’ll meet a lot of nice people sitting over their coffee and donuts and enjoying the market just like you..