What to See at the Fiestas of Santiago in Totana, Spain

fiestas de santiago totana


What are the Fiestas of Santiago in Totana, Spain?

They’re a fun group of fiestas or festivals that run for almost the entire month of July every year to celebrate and honour Santiago Apóstol, the patron saint of the town. Most of the festivities are outdoors and are either free or at a very low cost. You’ll find everything from concerts to movies, workshops to pottery making, costume competitions and go-kart rallies.

When are the Fiestas of Santiago in Totana, Spain?

If you’re going to be in the Murcia area of Spain between now and July 28th, you should head to Totana for the Fiestas of Santiago. The Fiestas of Santiago in Totana is a major festival that just about takes over the entire town for almost the whole month of July and, yes, it’s a lot of fun.

What should you see at the Fiestas of Santiago?

Festivities take place in four main areas of town, as well as in Marcos Ortiz, the municipal park.

There’s an open air cinema in the Auditoria Municipal almost every night.Most films are in Spanish but it’s a great, and fun, way to improve your Spanish language skills.

There’s a choral concert on Friday the 12th July. It starts at 8:30pm at the Patio de la Cruz, just a few kilometers outside Totana.

Take a guided tour of Totana on Saturday the 13th July, which even includes a pottery making demonstration. The Fiesta del Sombrero is also on the same day, in the evening, and includes a best sombrero competition and live performances.

On Thursday the 18th of July, you can see some of Totana’s children in a children’s concert, complete with a dancing crocodile and, on Saturday 20th July, there’s a go-kart rally, a slalom race and the Gran Fiesta Infantil, a fabulous children’s festival with a bouncy castle, a painting competition and children’s workshops.

You can find out more about what to see at the Fiestas of Santiago in Totana, Spain at Murcia Today, an excellent website with daily updated information about what’s going on in and around Murcia.

You can also find the entire program of events in Spanish here.