Why You Shouldn’t Buy Anything From Amazon in Spain: They’re Thieves

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Why you shouldn’t buy anything from Amazon in Spain — they are thieves

I don’t buy anything from Amazon in Spain, or from Amazon anywhere else for that matter. Why? Because Amazon are thieves. Pure and simple.

Because, not only has Amazon been illegally stating for years that sales in the UK were actually ‘finalized’ in Ireland, thus allowing them to pay zero in UK taxes and low taxes in Ireland, Amazon in Spain is now doing the exact same thing.

According to a story in El Pais, the company is stating Amazon sales in Spain are ‘finalized’ in Luxembourg, thus allowing Amazon company-wide to pay zero taxes in Spain, low taxes in Luxembourg and then funneling what should be Spanish tax money back to America.

Amazon even went as far as to declare ‘a loss’ in Spain of 54 million euros last year. Disgusting, to say the least.

Personally, I have never liked Amazon as the owner’s morals and that of his company are bordering on criminal in many areas. So, to see Amazon is diverting its Spanish sales elsewhere in the EU to avoid paying Spanish taxes, no, no surprise there.

What is surprising to me, though, is how many people in Spain still shop at Amazon when the Amazon themselves are little more than thieves.

Honestly, when the country is still in economic crisis, why on earth would you be spending your money at Amazon in Spain, a company that is stealing your tax money, paying some of it to Luxembourg and putting the rest in its bank accounts in America, when you could be spending your hard-earned money on Spanish products in Spanish stores and in Spanish stores that do pay taxes, thus helping the country’s economy recover?

I simply do not understand.