26-Year-Old Scottish Man Dead in Knife Fight in Lloret de Mar, Spain

Beach at Lloret de Mar – copyright Cudeiro04, Creative Commons

Every few days we report yet another death of a British tourist on holiday in Spain, and usually not through any fault of the Spanish or Spain itself. Instead, almost all of these British tourist deaths involve stupidity and alcohol and, today, there is sadly another one.

A 26-year-old Scottish man, Craig Mallon, who was in Lloret de Mar for his brother’s stag party was killed in a knife fight outside a nightclub. Police say Mallon was stabbed and then died of a fatal heart attack.

He was found dead on the streets of Lloret early on Saturday morning.

According to Spanish police, the knife fight took place between tourists on holiday in Lloret. They have no information on what the fight was about but, as usual, believe drinking excessive amounts of alcohol was part of the cause.

The Mossos d’Esquadra has opened an investigation, but as yet there have been no arrests.