3 Spanish Policemen Drown Trying to Save Youth in A Coruña Rescue

Screenshot from El Pais

According to El Pais, there’s sad news from A Coruña today, where three policemen have drowned after entering five meter high turbulent ocean waters early this morning in an attempt to rescue a Slovakian student.

The student, in Spain on an Erasmus exchange, had gotten drunk with friends and then decided to go swimming in dangerous waters, after celebrations for the Santo Tomás de Aquino fiesta were wrapping up.

The friends managed to get out of the water to raise the alarm, after it was obvious how dangerous it was, but the Slovakian youth did not.

The three policemen ran into the water, trying to save the boy, but were almost immediately swept out.  The body of one of them, Javier Lopez Lopez, 38 and a native ofCoruña, washed ashore several hours later, but the other two are still missing presumed drowned.

The two missing police officers are Maseda Rodrigo Lozano, 35, a native of Burela and Jose Antonio Villamor Vazquez, 34, from Friol.

Helicopters have been passing backwards and forwards over the water, trying to locate the men, but to no avail.