4 British Men Die in Spain This Week: Car Accident, Electrocution and Hotel Fall

One of the British men died after a fall in Benidorm


It’s been a tragic week for British men in Spain this week, with four men dying in various areas of Spain within days of each other, and all from different causes.

44-year-old Andrew Latham was electrocuted last Wednesday morning while out fishing near Villajoyosa.  He had caught a fish when he flicked his line back over his head and it caught on an overhead power cable. It’s thought he died instantly, although his body was found floating in a reservoir some time after his death.

A second British man to die in Spain this week was 42-year-old Tyrone Jones, who feel from a four meter high wall while trying to climb into his rented holiday apartment because he’d lost his keys. He hit his head when he fell, causing massive brain injury, but was not found until several hours later. He died in intensive care at a Benidorm hospital.

The final two deaths of British men in Spain in the last week were as a result of a car accident. near Murcia. The car the two men were driving in, along with two other British men, left the highway for reasons unknown causing an accident that only involved their vehicle. One of the men, a 72-year-old died on the scene, another died later in hospital. The two survivors are still receiving medical treatment. Names have not been released until the men’s families are notified.

While a number of Brits died every year in Spain, usually as a result of an accident, it’s rare that four men die in one week. Very sad indeed.