65,000 Catalans Demonstrate in Barcelona to Support Spanish Unity

Screenshot from El Pais – see their full story in the link below


If you read the recent news about many in Catalonia wanting to be independent from Spain, you’d be forgiven in thinking it could be a foregone conclusion. But, not so fast. Not for the 65,000 people who protested in Barcelona on Friday, as they all say they’re quite happy being part of Spain, thank you very much and have no interest in Catalonia becoming independent.

In fact, they claim there are more people in Catalonia that support Spanish unity than don’t – it’s just that the pro-independence groups have been louder until now.


Friday’s Pro-Spain protest was organized by a group called Spain and Catalans Platform. The protestors who joined them demonstrated in Barcelona’s main Catalunya square for several hours, holding up pro-Spanish signs along with Catalan flags and saying they want the pro-independence people in Catalan to take note, the pro-Spain group will no longer be quiet about where their allegiances lie.

“We Only Have One Heart, Don’t Divide It” was one message that summed up how many of them felt.

For more on the story, check out El Pais’ coverage, and don’t miss their comment about the numbers of protesters in attendance. The differing figures are quite astounding.