74-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Gored By Bull at Navarro Festival

Bull gorings happen in bull runs in Spain every year - this one, resulting in a death, was in Pamplona

A 74-year-old man was killed at a local festival in Lodosa, Navarro when he was gored by an escaped bull. The bull managed to escape through a hole in a corral in which it was being kept, ran down the street and gored the man who was standing in a doorway watching the bull run with his wife.

The man was named as, Félix de Luis Morentin, a life-long resident of the Navarro area. He died almost instantly.

So far, there’s no word on any investigation but town officials say the bulls were being kept in a corral that was completely in line with all legal requirements.

The bull run was part of a six-day festival in Lodosa; a festival that will culminate on Thursday although, after this terrible incident, in a much more subdued tone.