AENA Airport Workers Call Off Strike At Spain’s Airports – Nice One, Chaps.

Good news for Spain’s tourist industry. Today, workers in AENA, the Spanish airport body, voted to call off the airport strike projected to begin in April, after deciding to accept an agreement they reached earlier this month. AENA workers wanted to strike as they were upset over the Spanish government’s decision to sell 49% of AENA to a private company.

There are a couple of smaller unions that may still vote against the deal but, with a much lower number of members, there’s likely little impact they’ll have on Spanish airports without AENA.

The vote to call off the strike couldn’t have come at a better time for Spain’s tourist industry. With the strike projected to begin right before Easter and run for 22 days through August, many in Spain’s tourist industry were worried about the potentially large impact on tourists coming to Spain.

Plus, Spain’s economy is on its last legs, so thankfully AENA came to its senses before it contributed to the Spanish mess. And, with Portugal on the verge of collapse and their prime minister resigning yesterday, if the strike had happened, Spain could have waved bye-bye to any possible economic recovery this year and would probably have joined Portugal in needing a massive bail out.