Alicante Airport Won’t Pay 300,000 Euros For Police Services

alicante airport new terminal
Alicante Airport’s new terminal – copyright FoxR, Creative Commons


Looks like Alicante Airport might soon have a little more money to spend. That is if their threat to not pay 300,000 euros for local police services holds true.

According to AENA, the organization that operates Alicante Airport, they’ve been paying 300,000 euros a year for local police services at the airport to Elche Town Hall for quite a few years now and enough is enough. After all, they say, the local police services at Alicante Airport should be free as aren’t they already paid for with the massive amount of taxes the airport pays every year?

There’s no word yet on what the Mayor of Elche, Mercedes Alonso, intends to do about the airport’s refusal to pay but, as the contract with Alicante Airport for local police services expires on June 1st, it looks like there may be some negotiations that need to take place before a new contract can be signed.

After all, it’s all very well for AENA to say they’re not paying for Alicante Airport police services but, with Spain’s economy the way it is, if they don’t pay for police who will? The taxpayers?