Alicante Court Rules Ryanair Must Use Passenger Airbridges at El Altet Airport


You’ve got to love Alicante’s El Altet Airport and AENA Spanish Airports, who seem to be the only people standing up to budget airline Ryanair nowadays, and they are winning. In a new court ruling handed down this week, an Alicante judge ruled Ryanair must use passenger airbridges at El Altet Airport, as having access to plane’s via the tarmac is not necessary for Ryanair to operate.

Ryanair wanted the right to forego the use of passenger airbridges (it’s all about causing passengers inconvenience and saving as much money as possible with Ryanair), and had appealed a decisionthat went against them by a prior court in Alicante. Their appeal was ruled non-viable. There can be no other appeal.

Ryanair has already retaliated by cutting 50 percent of their flights out of Alicante earlier in the month. All we know is we’ll be happily flying Monarch into Alicante in March. Then again, we wouldn’t touch Ryanair with a 50 foot pole. Would you?