Andalucia Gearing Up For What Could Be a Wonderful Tourist Season


Andalucia hoteliers are feeling positive after it’s being reported bookings are already up from last year, with more expected. In fact, so good are they, some hoteliers are expecting this to be the best Easter on record for Andalucia, already up 18% in bookings over last year.

If you’ve spent any time in Spain though recently, you shouldn’t be that surprised with the news. One of the best values for money of any area in Spain, Andalucia is the largest area of Spain, with so much to offer every tourist.

From singles looking for beautiful beaches and nightlife to Mum, Dad and the kids who want to go surfing or water skiing and then visit Moorish forts, every visitor to Andalucia will find something wonderful.

If you haven’t booked your vacation for 2011 yet, give Andalucia a thought. Think about the Alhambra in Granada, the Caves of Nerja, traditional Andalucian foods like jamon (ham), puntillitas (fried squid) and pestinos (deep fried batter smothered in honey), kite surfing, golfing, and horse racing, flamenco dancing and more – and all native to Andalucia.

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