Are masks mandatory in Valencia, Spain in summer, 2021? Valencia President Ximo Puig explains

Valencia president Ximo Puig — photo by Coalició Compromís Creative Commons license

With masks still mandatory in outdoor areas in Spain due to the Spanish government’s panic over Covid-19, millions of tourists are likely to book vacations in 2021 elsewhere.

After all, who in their right minds wants to be ‘masked up’ on a beach in Spain on a typical 100 degree Spanish day?

Particularly as most other countries in Europe do not require masks to be worn outdoors.

The Spanish Tourism Board is aware of this, and requested the mandatory outdoor masks rule be lifted before the summer tourist season began. The Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez ignored the request.

For visitors to Valencia, Spain in summer, 2021, then, are masks mandatory in Valencia and is that likely to continue?

According to Valencia President Ximo Puig this week, yes, masks must be worn in all outdoor areas in Spain. Of course, that rule applies to all indoor areas as well, except in your hotel room or private apartment.

In an announcement on June 3rd, Puig commented about mandatory masks in Valencia saying, “We want to remove the compulsory mask mandate as soon as possible, but masks will remain as a requirement indoors as our immunity levels are not yet high enough”.

In other words if, like me, you do not wear masks, traveling to Valencia, Spain during summer, 2021, or anywhere else in Spain for that matter, is better put off until the country returns to normalcy.

Particularly as many other countries in the EU and elsewhere do not require outdoor masks, and more and more are not requiring masks to be worn indoors either.