British Diver Tom Daley in Campaign to Stop Balconing in Spain

Tom Daley kicks off Stop Balconing campaign. Photo courtesy British Consul

As balconing deaths of mainly British tourists continue to happen almost every month in Spain, British Olympic high diver Tom Daley has decided to try to help put a stop to it.

Daley has teamed up with The British Consul in Spain in a campaign to let British tourists (and others) know what a stupid thing ‘balconing’ is, and to stress that it should be stopped.

Balconing, of course, is the practice of climbing from balcony to balcony in a hotel or apartment building and, in some cases, even involves jumping from the balcony into a swimming pool. It usually takes place when tourists are drunk.

The British Consul campaign says the message will be ‘Leave the jumping to the professionals’, and will talk about the dangers of balconing, as well as those of taking drugs, or drinking too much alcohol and then going swimming.

You would actually think more Brits would have learned some kind of lesson from the many balconing and swimming pool deaths that happen every year in Spain but, every month, more British tourists fall to their deaths from balconies or die while inebriated or high in a swimming pool.

In fact, so notorious are the British now for being the fools that participate in ‘balconing’, there was even a headline in a Spanish newspaper recently – “It’s raining Brits”.

That’s why someone like Tom Daley has to get involved — to save idiots from themselves.

Sad. But true.