British Family of Three Shot and Killed in Mijas, Spain: Possible Murder-Suicide

Mijas spain
Mijas, Spain – copyright mer de glace, Creative Commons License

Spanish police are investigating the murder (possibly murder/suicide) of a British family who were shot and killed in Mijas, Spain.

The family of three — a man, an older woman and a younger woman — were found in a rented apartment in the Spanish tourist town of Mijas. Police say they suspect it was a murder/suicide with the man as the shooter, but until evidence has been analyzed they will not be absolutely sure.

The bodies of the three British people were discovered on Wednesday afternoon after the landlord entered the property as the British tenants were behind on the rent.

He discovered the body of a man lying dead of a gunshot wound on the sofa and called police. The bodies of the two women were found in the bedroom. Both had been shot.

The Guardia Civil says they are investigating the possibility that the man first murdered the two women in the bedroom and then committed suicide in the living room as, with the positions of all three bodies and other evidence found at the scene, this seems the most likely scenario.

They also say both women had disabilities, which could have made it more difficult for them to defend themselves.

As of yet, British authorities have not confirmed that the three people found dead in the Mijas apartment were British but the landlord says that is what he was told and what their passports showed.