British Holiday Bookings to Benidorm Increase by 3 Percent for Summer, 2012


Benidorm Beach in early May, 2012


While the Spanish might not always enjoy the British tourists, who come en masse and often seem to be poorly behaved, hotels in Benidorm are still happy that they’re coming. After all, British holiday bookings to Benidorm for summer, 2012 (May to October) are up over 3 percent from the same time last year, and that helps keep Spanish hotels in business and Spanish employees in jobs.

Benidorm has always been a top location in Spain for the British, which we saw three weeks ago when we walked along the promenade in late April to find it already heaving with Brits. But, it is a fun place, the shopping is amazing, the cafes and restaurants are cheap and everywhere, and the Spaniards really lay on a great holiday for the British here.

In the first two weeks of this month, there were more foreigners in Benidorm than there were Spanish visitors, and British tourists made up almost 50 percent of that number. The Germans and the Norwegians were many of the rest.

Prices are low in Benidorm and there are hundreds of excellent hotels to choose from, so it’s really no wonder so many British tourists have already booked their holidays here for Summer, 2012. Are you one of them?