British Man Attacks 3 Other Brits With Machete in Tenerife

Machete - copyright CGA Photo -Creative Commons


When you travel or live abroad nowadays, it’s often embarrassing to be British. That so many Brits now have a reputation of being loud, rude and violent when out of the UK is evidenced every day in Spain and today is no different. The latest news to come out of Spain involves yet another British man getting into an argument, this time with friends, and attempting to solve the problem with violence.  In this case, by using a machete.

The man, who Spanish police say was in his 50s, was apparently drinking with friends. An argument began, the man left, and minutes later returned with a machete and a knife, which he used to attack the three other Brits. Two women in the group were injured, one on her neck, the other on her arms, and the man was cut in his face. All three were taken to a clinic, where they were treated for their cuts and released.

Of course the British man who used the machete then ran, as cowards do, and hid in his room. Police found him hiding there a short while later and arrested him.

Tenerife, of course, knows all about machetes. Don’t forget, it was on Tenerife when a British woman was beheaded with a machete last year, while doing her shopping in a supermarket. In that case though, the madman who chopped off the woman’s head was Bulgarian — not British.